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13 July 2023

Coffee History

Brewing the Perfect Cup of Coffee



If you started your day with a glorious cup of freshly brewed coffee, you are not alone!

In fact, at least 75% of Australians drink coffee every day consuming an average of 1.91 kg of coffee per person per year!

From the beaches of Far North Queensland to the most remote mountain in Tasmania - and across Australia- coffee is an affordable daily treat we all love. But it wasn't always so.



First discovered in Ethiopia - and possibly brought to Australia with the First Fleet - coffee was once a luxury commodity that few could afford. And considering some of the brewing methods first used, you too may have been happy to miss out!

Written in The Australian grocer in 1939, Ernest Singer reported that coffee could be prepared by "boiling it with milk and mustard, eggs shells or even dynamite"!

Luckily for us, coffee roasting and brewing has improved tremendously since those early days.Whats more, there are coffee shops wherever we go and advanced to "home brewing coffee" as well.



But wherever you prefer your Espresso (Short Black), Latte, Mocha, Cappuccino, or Flat White, brewing the perfect cup of coffee relies on many different factors.


Firstly, there's the bean. Your coffee bean should be fresh and of the best quality.

The main four types of coffee beans used are Arabica, Rubusta ,Excelsa and Liberica. And all four have very different taste profiles.

Arabica is the most common as it produces a sweeter flavour that tends to be less acidic. However, the plant itself is quite delicate, demanding a lot of attention - which pushes up the price of this bean.

As the name suggests, Robusta has a very strong profile with very high levels of caffeine. The Rubusta bean grows very easily, making it quite affordable.



Mostly grown in South-East Asia. Excelsa has an almost tart, fruity flavour - quite a unique profile  that has being very popular with coffee enthusiasts!

And then there's Liberica. Once abundant and popular, this bean is a rare treat these days, grown only in specific climates. However when choosing your beans - or ordering a cup of coffee  ( Cuppa Joe ) - you can see the origins shown geographically.


For example Brazilian, Colombian, Ethiopian, Guatemalan, Zambian, Peruvian and Australian, just to name a few.

Coffee bean blending is an art, as it's super important to get the balance right. Roasting the beans is equally important - too little and the full aroma and flavour wont be released, too much and the coffee will taste burnt. 

All this before you even get to the barista stage!



Suppling a wide range of businesses and individuals for many years, Kangaroo Island Coffee Roasters have won many National and International Awards for their roasted coffee beans. The range includes something for everyone, from their award winning Ethiopian Guji (Hints of dark chocolate, peaches and nectarines, florals, berries, citrus and wine) to the Peruvian Organic (Hints of brown sugar, grapes, and dark chocolate).

If you're  after a full flavour without the caffeine hit, try the Decaf Colombian Swiss Waters Sugarcane Processed.

Sip slowly to enjoy the hints of caramel and lemon with an amazing full body flavour and a smooth aftertaste. 


The process of detecting such flavour notes is called "Cupping" where a selection of beans at different quantities are blended to create unique flavours eg: 60% Colombian -40% Zambian, or 30% Ethiopian, 20% Peruvian and balance of say 50% Brazilian. Today we also have some unique flavours with "Decaf" so you can enjoy a coffee at any time of day or night without the caffeine hit.


So, whether you are cruising the country, stuck at work, at your local drinking hole or cafe or brewing at home, hey even from places like "Come by Chance" in NSW, or "Eggs and Bacon Bay"  in Tasmania, discover your new Favourite Coffee Beans at Kangaroo Island Coffee Roasters!.






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